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Servicing and Repairs

Online booking

Please use the following link to book a service or repair online

abbotsford cycles online service booking

Helpful tips

  • Customers can make a booking to our workshop over the phone (see below), in-store at Richmond.
  • Bicycle repairs conducted by Abbotsford Cycles are guaranteed and fulfilled by trained bike technicians.
  • Major repairs (services, overhauls, wheelbuilds etc) must be received before 10 am Mon-Fri for same day turnaround.
  • Minor repairs (puncture, broken cable etc) are welcomed throughout the day.
  • Repairs are ordinarily ready for pick-up at 5pm unless otherwise agreed. Please just let us know if you want/need it earlier.
  • Major services are not undertaken on Saturday.

For any further assistance contact:
Abbotsford Cycles Richmond: (03) 9429 6889

List of Services

Essential Service $95

Information on Essential Servce

Comprehensive Service $169

Information of Comprehensive Service

Overhaul $275

Information on Overhaul

Single Speed Service $79

Information on Single Speed Service


Safety Check

Has your bicycle been sitting around for a while unused? Or did you just purchase one second hand? 

The Abbotsford Cycles Safety Check will give your bicycle a basic tune up, while checking it over for any potential issues. The cost is $45.

What do we do in a Safety Check?

  • Adjust gears
  • Adjust brakes
  • Lube chain
  • Inflate tyres
  • Tighten fittings
  • Advise on safety issues


If your bicycle requires more work we will most likely advise an Essential or Comprehensive service. Please feel free to drop in and ask one of our staff for some advise anytime.

Wheel Building Information

Custom Built Bicycle Wheels

Only bicycle wheels which are custom built by hand can provide you with exactly what you want, your unique combination of performance, durability, longevity, suppleness, lightness, style and even colour.

We are fundamentally a Bicycle Workshop; wheel building and truing is at the heart of the work we love.

Every spoke in our hand built wheels is checked with a gauge, a tensiometer, for correct, consistent, even tension, which is the key to performance in the long term.

While custom built wheels are more expensive than the ubiquitous factory built wheels, they will perform better and last longer under load than stock wheels.

We build with dynamo hubs, with wooden rims, disc specific rims, for bicycles, tricycles, trailers and with electric hubs.

You can now book a wheel build online for the same day, by going to our on-line booking system - best to ensure that we have the parts required by giving us a ring first.

Spoke replacement

Normally we will replace a broken spoke and true a wheel on the same day - just walk in.


It is not uncommon for the spokes on new bicycle wheels to fail early in their life. A lower quality spoke has been used on an otherwise good bike. Once one broken spoke has been repaired, the second or third failure suggests that it is much more economic in time and money to bite the bullet and respoke completely.

It is worth considering Phil Wood single butted spokes if the bicycle is a commuter or tourer, as the thicker 13g head confers much higher fatigue resistance, particularly appropriate on a rear wheel.


Our workshop is one of only a few in Australia which incorporates a Phil Wood Spoke Cutting and Rolling machine. We can efficiently cut 14 gauge spokes to the required length, from Phil Wood blanks, in plain gauge, double butted and single butted.

We stock and recommend high quality Phil Wood stainless steel spokes. The range includes both silver and black, lengths from 80mm to 310mm.

  • Plain 2mm 14 gauge, silver $1.20, black $1.50.
  • Lightweight double butted 2mm/1.8mm 14/15 gauge, silver $1.80, black $2.00 - minimum length 230mm..
  • Fatigue resistant single butted 2.3/2mm 13/14 gauge, silver $2.10, black $2.30.
  • Straight pull (head NOT J bend), silver $1.20, black $1.50.

Prices include 12mm brass nipples.

We also sell Swiss DT spokes (Champion, Competition, Alpine III and Revolution), in most sizes, colours and gauges, and both alloy and brass nipples, of various lengths (we hold limited stock of DT spokes).

(We suggest that brass nipples are far more practical than alloy nipples, unless weight is of utmost importance.)


We stock a good range of Alex, Mavic and Velocity rims and source other brands like DT Swiss, H Plus Son, Araya and Stans.

We have older sizes like 27", 26"x 1 3/8, 28" x 1 3/8 and 28" x 1 1/2.


We stock and build with a comprehensive range of Shimano, Novatec, Phil Wood and Chris King hubs, and Sturmey Archer and Shimano internal geared and braked units. We use and recommend Shutter Precision dynamo hubs.

What does it cost?

Wheel building costs $75 inc GST per wheel. There is an extra cost for fitting wheels to a bicycle, including adjusting brake and gears. to a bicycle, and an extra cost for building with a motor.

A short history of hand wheel building at Abbotsford Cycles

Wheels surely count among the greatest of human inventions, and the light weight tension spoked wheel is the key to another wonderful invention, the bicycle!

Abbotsford Cycles has been hand building spoked bicycle wheels for over 25 years. Our wheels have commuted millions of kilometres, crossed Australia, Europe, India and China, done the Paris Brest Paris Randonnee, the Tour Divide, the Audax Alpine Classic, the National Trail, cyclocross, raced the Warrnambool, transported luggage and children, been used on electric bikes, wheelchairs, tricycles, unicycles and circus bikes.

General Repair Information

What is a General Repair?

Well, it's pretty much anything else on your bicycle.

A general repair will most likely fall into one of the categories below. Whether it does or not, you can make a booking on-line and add a few notes so we know what to expect. Don't hesitate to call us or simply drop in your repair to the Richmond shop or Yarraville workshop without booking.

Naturally, without a visual assessment we can't guarantee our same day option for all General Repairs booked online, but once we see the bicycle we will get it fixed asap.

Remember, we will normally fix small problems like broken cables and punctures while you wait, or while you head off for some shopping, no booking required!

The 'Noise'

Sometimes even the best of bicycles can make a little noise. It can be a squeak, tick, rattle, clunk...etc. Although very different noises they all have the following in common:

  • They can be an early indication that something is amiss
  • They are an unwelcome companion on your journey

At best something needs a little lubrication, retightening or readjustment, at worst there may be a potentially serious safety issue.

Bring your bike in and let Abbotsford Cycles take care of it.

The 'Adjustment'

Much like the 'noise', your bicycle may feel like it's not functioning quite like it used to.

A professional mechanic can quickly and efficiently determine what is wrong and advise accordingly.

Bring your bike in now for peace of mind and to avoid potentially larger issues.

Puncture or broken cable

Book on-line or simply drop in anytime from 8am-6pm Mon to Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday.

As part of the work, we will identify the reason and advise you whether there is a way of avoiding the same problem in future.

Accident Quote

Abbotsford Cycles is happy to provide detailed quotes for accident repairs.

If requested, we will give a quote for accident damage and also pre-accident wear and tear. We can provide an electronic quote by email.

Abbotsford Cycles charges a $25 quote fee which is then refunded if the repair goes ahead.

Frame Repairs

Abbotsford Cycles has an extensive well equipped workshop enabling our qualified mechanics to undertake many frame repairs in-house.

  • Frame/Fork alignment
  • Head tube facing
  • Bottom Bracket facing and taping
  • Helicoiling of crank threads

Where necessary we can disassemble your bicycle and send frame or fork to a specialist repairer such as Gripsport.

Bicycle Restoration and Painting

We are experienced in restoring bicycles from "wreck" to as good as you would like to have it.

We send bicycle frames and parts to Bell Powder for powder coating, and do the work of stripping and reassembly ourselves.

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